2geeksinalab throw down ripping gauntlet with Global Garde

I just posted the article 2geeksinalab throw down ripping gauntlet with Global Garde.

                 Dubbed "Global Garde", this new anti-ripping  technology reportedly provides complete  content control protection. The main     purpose  of this product is to...
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As long as there is copy protection, there is no fair use. Period. End of discussion.

That thing is such a load of cr*p! Incredible! Just have a look at the other ‘technologies’ they have! Bulsh|t is what I call it! Many promises, few deliveries! So people, don’t worry! It’s not gonna happen!

this does indeed look like another set of those PGWARE style apps :slight_smile:

It will probably work as well as Macrovisions RIPGUAURD

I couldn’t say it in the article, but this does look like a lot of smoke and mirrors.

It’s just words. Emphasis on “We can, We are, We do the best” and nothing more. Gimme a demo DVD protected with this “technology” and a couple of days :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure, I believe them. I also believe Suncomm can pevent anybody copying a CD… If it’s playable on existing CD/DVD equipment, it can be copied. Period.

Coming to version of Slysoft AnyDVD: Global Garde!