2GB+ File in Nero 6

I have been trying to copy a 2.74GB VOB file from my HD to a DVD disk,using Nero 6. When I try to add the file I get the message “the file XXXXvob is larger than 2GB therefore can not be stored in an ISO file system. Please use UDF” When I try to use UDF file system I get the message "you have added DVD-Video content to a compilation type
that will not result in a DVD–Video compliant disc xxxxx
xxxx please use the DVD-Video compilation type. Reload the DVD-video selection, Back to the first error message around and around we go. If I can overcome this problem do I also have to add the IFO file to the VOB file to get a playable DVD. I have no problems with vts files but these have not been as big.

Thank you for any help given

Vobsplitter may help you…Yeah it’s right: Iso is limited to 2GB, UDF isn’t “designed” for dvd compliant discs…, you have to split the vob file…

ISO FS is limited to 2gb filesize, but UDF is THE DVD Filesystem!