2d HD to go with 150Gig RaptorX

I have my new build almost done, before I bring it home I want to if I really need a 2d HD, I do not need the space. Will not having a 2d HD impair my ability to seek or encode at the Raptors rated speed. What upside is there in having another HD if I do not need the space. I currently am running a 120GIG Seagate 7200.7 and a WD 80gig (8mbs of cache). The boot drive is the Seagate. On my new build the Raptor X will be the boot drive.

Self explaining question. You can alway add later

having a 2nd HDD will not diminish the performance of the first.

i guess my answer via PM the other day wasn’t sufficient :confused:

  1. page files/scratch disks (for programs that use them like Photoshop, even Recode) on a separate disk than your OS. having your “working” files on a separate HDD helps minimize fragmentation and is faster.

  2. manipulating files between 2 drives is faster than on 1 drive. copying, editing, etc.

  3. backing up.

  4. IMO, you can NEVER have too much HDD space.

  5. organization