2cd onto 1 dvd?

Hi i just downloaded a file and it came in 2cds now as i would like the movie to play all the way through without having to swap disks.
i was wondering if any1 could give me some tuition both files are around 1.5 gb so they would fit onto a single dvd but not a cd.
Each disk contains
cd1- Video TS - default, video_ts.bup, video_ts.ifo, vts_01_0.bup, vts_01_0.ifo, vts_01_1, vts_01_2

and cd2 contains all the same filenames with the exeption that the default file is not there.

ideally what i am asking for is how to drop all these files into 1 folder so as i can just write the single video TS to 1 dvd if possible. so as the movie will play all the way through.

May seem a newbish question to some but hey we all gotta start somewhere.

And thanx in advance to any1 who helps

Hm… You say they’re CDs, yet they’re already individually in the DVD format. That’s a bit weird, but it probably means less work for you… Just look for any good, free DVD authoring program and you shouldn’t have too much trouble tossing them both on a DVD.

Do u have any idea on a good free dvd authroing program that would be able to do this?


You can DL a trial version of Nero for 30 days for free from www.nero.com That will do it for you.

The thing that bothers me is the matching filenames in each folder will these cause a problem when the dvd player is trying to play these in order?

Oh well i spose i can waste a bit of media trying out different things lol

First thing I’d do is probably demux each CD into it’s respective streams, give them distinctive names, then run em through your authoring program of choice. The Guides and Tools sections of www.videohelp.com are great for all this information.