$29.99 100 Pack Taiyo Yuden 4X DVD-R Media 4.7GB Silver Lacquer at CDRDVDmedia

Hi guys more TY special use coupon code: C9OFF
Enjoy :smiley:
This is for ppl that missed out on the other deals last time, hurry coupon ends 3/20/05.

From the link,
> Recording Speed: 1X - 8X

Why did they say so? Not all recorders can burn TYG01 at 8x. Is it a sign that this is the “value line” TYG02?

It might be, most websites know what they have when ppl ordered from supermediastore a little over a week ago it said the same thing and ppl got mix tyg01 and tyg02.

C6OFF is the code not the C9OFF

These are those value Taiyos right?
Does anyone know where you can buy Grade A Taiyo DVD-R’s?


Rima is a quality store? Good shipping speed, customer service, etc?
Website Seems a little…so so.
I’ve already noticed spelling errors :confused:

Are you looking for discs or spell checking? If you do some research you would have found this:

My Burner burnt 4X TY at 12X

Ah right resellerratings…

The site just looked a little ramshackle to me.
That’s all :slight_smile:


Rima is reguarded as the best here in the states by most.


Yup, rima is excellent. Ordered several batches of discs from them. Excellent quality discs and customer service. They have such a high rating for a reason. :wink: EDIT it should be noted that the discs from cddvdmedia are almost certainly value TY. Although value TY still produces outstanding results for the most part. I would still trust them over 99% of the rest of the media out there.