28 weeks later

I just purchased 28 weeks later, and seems that DVD Fab is not ripping it. Fentago can you help? I will try to send you the IFO files.

What error message it gave you?

It just stops ripping with no messages at about 46%

I just bought this disc this morning at Walmart. You probably have a bad source disc. I had no problems.

Try cleaning the disc even if it is new and does not look dirty!

It worked, talked to Fentago. The disc just took a little longer at VTS_3, but then speeded right back up. Did the backup fine.

Glad you got it sorted out! :slight_smile:

There is no bad sector protecton on this disc just CSS, it should not be problem for anyone.

I ripped it earlier went perfect but went a little slow 3.80 mb/s ish

Got mine at wally world too, no problems.
R1, Platinum v. Beta, [B]PP disabled[/B], customize - main movie, no menus, file size 4432 MB so no compression.

Rip time, 5:03… :cool: :clap: