28 Days later

I bought this movie today and tried backing it up with Shrink DVD beta and came up with a “cyclic redundancy check”. This is the first problem I have had when using Shrink. Any idea’s out there.

CRC error come from unable to read the DVD correctly. This can be due to a faulty pressed DVD, scratches, fingermarks, dirty or even the DVD reader is on its way out. I suggest you give the DVD a good clean with some alcohol on a tissue. Try reading it in another DVD reader. If all else fails, return it for an exchange.

hehe, an ‘ex’ hire movie? Use DVD Decrypter.

Your absolutely right Chickenman, it was a brand new DVD and it wouldn’t even play properly. I took it back and exchanged it.

As long as you ignored CM’s suggestion and did not waste good alcohol on cleaning a disc then phew! :bigsmile:

J/K CM - Next time recommend medical alcohol m8 as that just ain’t worth drinking! :bigsmile:

As FP said, DVD Dec does seem to be the best tool for ripping. I am a DVD Shrink freak, but I never have used it for the rip process yet.

egod man take it back that movie sucks…well i didnt like it hehe

I had the same problem with Armageddon,
which I’ve had for a while,but would not work. Any suggestions ,besides what’s above. The disc is not scratched,or damaged in any way,don’t know about this one,:rolleyes:

Update:Something is wrong here,although the disc packaging says ‘region one’,the disc says it’'s not for play in this region,when i place it in my Sony 500A,now I’m really baffled…:confused:

If DVD Decrypter won’t read then the disc is hosed

FP,have you seen my ‘update’ above???

I have now. We don’t have the RPC issue in Oz only the US R1 and RPC1 drives.

Puh! have you searched around for RPC issues, Sony and the title? That’s all I can think of…is your drive set for the right region or is it region free? Dumb question, I know, but it might jog something :stuck_out_tongue:

FP,the drive is set to region 1,this is the first time region 1 has been an issue,even that disc says ‘1’. So I can go to Nero ,change the region ,decrypt the disc,change the region back to ‘1’,and everything will be everything???

Mmmm, off the top of my head I dunno; I’m at work and don’t have time to think right now…a little later, OK?

Not only does the DVDReader need to be R1 to enable it to be read, but Windows itself also has to be set at R1 as well as your playing software (ie WinDVD). All 3 must be R1, any one of them not R1 and it wont play, simple as that.

That’s just it ,CM,all of them are Region One!! strangest s*t I 've ever seen…:confused: