28.000.000 MP3's for the taking!



By using Napigator (www.napigator.com) you can connect to any invidual Napsterserver. There are 135 servers! This gives you access to millions of MP3’s. Dutch speaking freaks can find more information on go.to/MP3tips

Have fun!!


Yeah pretty cool program…

Thanks dude…




How exactly does Napigator work. I downloaded the program and I can see the servers, but I can´t connect to them.
Are there other programs I need to get it to work ?


What is Napster?


When you use Napigator you need to have napster installed. When you doubleclick on a server in Napigator napster will try to connect to it.
I only tried it last night and it didn’t work very well. I got some password errors while the pass was correct, and it wouldn’t connect to some servers at all. Any ideas (could it be my firewall?) Napigator could be very cool.
And what is napster?? Read it on www.napster.com
When you use napster make sure you have enough time, it’s not always fast…


Napigator is really cool! I finally found an mp3 I was looking for for a long time! After searching on about 40 servers there finally was someone with the song I wanted!