$275.00 shipped G0 stepping Q6600 @ ClubIt


Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 Kentsfield G0 Stepping 2.40GHz 8MB L2 LGA 775 Processor Retail BX80562Q6600 SLACR

Boy that sure is awful tempting :iagree:

shows $298.50 shipped

Maybe if you toss in that $20 movie from “Movielink” they give with it it’s $275.00? Still amazing you get a quad core 2.4 Ghz so cheap now. :slight_smile:

I see it has gone up. I reserved a G0 stepping at ClubIT last week at $271.00
I received a call minutes before I posted from ClubIt to inform me my CC was about to be charged for my pre-order as I requested before shipping. They informed me that they show less than 500 Q6600 G0 stepping, currently in stock. I searched for it on their site and it was $275 free shipping, no movielink.
He told me the recent shipment of their G0 stepping processors came from Quebec.

$300 shipped to NC

I really wanted this one, but my PSU is acting up and I want that Antec Quattro 850 from COMPUSA but all sold out for delivery and there is no compusa in southern calif for instore pickup, tried to use the phone order for delivery but still no go

I wish I was still in New Mex so I can land on this power supply and then I am set to go with the newer upgrade. I dont see myself spending over $200 for a power supply and thus the Antec 850 Watts, speculated to be made by seasonic, for $130 is a steal