27" LCD HDTV Monitor Is On Sale @ Fry's $399

Fry’s Electronics has on sale today :

  1. 27" LCD HDTV Monitor with TV Tuner for $399 no rebate

  2. Pioneer 16X Internal DVD Writer for $34.99 after $15 MIR

  3. Great Quality CD-R in pack of 100 for $9 no rebate.

use it strictly as a TV, do not use it as a monitor because you will see the tube blows out after a month if you use it as a monitor

TCAS, why, why why are you posting GQ media???

The spects says this is a Monitor/TV with PC input, also is it something wrong to post GQ media?, for your information I have been using this media (CD-R) for few years with good performace and quality burning plus they are on sale for pack of 100 @ $9 only. You can look at following for information on their DVD although I only use the CD-R one.