265 Downloadable ISO's For You All



You can find them all here. Enjoy.



I think I will try and download all 265 of them just to make sure I use all of my bandwith. Its the 30th today, so I should really make sure I get every kb of my pathetic 15GB limit.

Ben :slight_smile:


okay, thanks… should I extend my distr0 collection even more? :stuck_out_tongue:


hi! i am just curious, what is ISO’s? sorry i don’t have any idea and regret to tell that i don’t know what they are…Is it software or games?


Omg 1337 Linux Isos!!! :bow:


check >> http://www.linuxiso.org/ :bow:


ISO are files that contain all the data on a CD/DVD so you can burn it back, in most cases (exept copy protected applications) making a perfect copy of the original. ISO can be anything, but are usually programs or games, in this case they are linux operating systems.

Ben :slight_smile:


thank you so much… :bow:




They forgot one of the best, MCNLive, and I’m not saying that because I participate in development :wink:


read first the cdfreaks rule for proper way of replying a message :eek: …don’t you?