$26.99 100 pack Taiyo Yuden 4X DVD media


100 pack Taiyo Yuden 4X DVD media, Made In Japan
Authentic Taiyo Yuden

Oh lookie!

Another first time goomba poster with an advertisement. Can you say HO?

Why the redirect to mediaslut.com? Someone’s making a penny off the click?

No, I just saw is from www.fatwallet.com deal I just posted is here.

What about the reliability of the site? Over-inflated shipping charges? Things we need to know.

I think the site is excellent. I bought 1000 DVD± R Taiyo Yuden from them none of them were fake. The shipping is excellent is only cost like 5 to 6 dollars and it’s delivery very fast.

The site is Supermediastore.

Not highly regarded as per http://www.resellerratings.com/seller1639.html.

It is “Value” media, which is 4X Low Speed and/or “B” Grade media from Taiyo Yuden in tape wrap.

Also, redirects from fatwallet go through fatwallet, NOT through www.kqzyfj.—/click-… from what I see. In fact, going to “kqzyfj.XXX” (extension changed to prevent accidental redirect) takes you to the webpage that explains the use of their redirect to keep track of click-thrus for marketing/payment purposes. So, is little billy a liar, stupid or naive?

I say it reeks of rotten fish to have a brand new “member” use their first post to give an advertisement for, at best, a second tier store, or any store for that matter.

billy2cute looks like a schill for the store. It’s spam, pure and simple. I think anyone that advertises on their first post should be warned/banned and that that post should be removed. Aren’t we already innundated with this crap everywhere? Don’t let it invade the forum.

This post is from www.fatwallet.com if you dont belive me then you can go to www.fatwallet and look for yourself.

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Edited first post with direct link.

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Like the Guiness beer commercial goes: Brilliant!

I would have enjoyed pressing the button almost as much as a pint… well, sort of almost as much.

Just where is this “Report Bad Post” button?

(Are you the good :cop: or the bad :cop: ?)

The exclamation mark! :slight_smile:


Sorry I don’t come here often, what is wrong with posting a good price for media?

What was posted was a “referrer link”. The poster gets paid for every click. Also, there’s a bargain forum for posting good deals.

I moderate a gen pc subforum and have come here from time to time to
catch up on burners, testing etc. Banned for pasting a referrer link?

Can get TY for 25.11 per 100 pack from shop4tech

That’s comission junction. Supermediastore pays 5% to him for anyone who buys there through his link. Clear your cookies too.

Complaining to cj might get him booted. This is spam.