25fps to 29.976fps



I tried finding information in this forum about this conversion and all I found was to use avisynth but not instructions on how to do it, could you please provide them here using this or another program capable of doing this conversion which I tried to solve and keep getting unsynched video.


Maybe a bit more info needed :smiley: like what form are you trying to convert (AVI, mpeg, vob, etc) and to what format ( vcd,svcd,dvd,avi, etc).


Encode your current PAL video to NTSC 720x480, but keep the framerate at 25fps.

Get DGpulldown.

Demux the video from audio.

Load the video into dgpulldown.

Convert 25fps -> 29.97fps.

Use the dgpulldown.m2v with the original audio to author.