25fps JERKY not written fast enough


Someone I know took a lot video footage whilst on holiday and recorded it at 25fps from a Sony camcorder straight to a Lexar Pro Duo 2GB Magic Gate memory card. It all appeared to working ok

Now that he has returned and played it back it is really jerky, apparently it has not written fast enough to the memory card!!!

Is there anyway to fix it???

Thanks in advance :bow:

How dos he play it? Directly from the camcorder or from hard drive?
I do not think there is anything wrong with original footage.
It is either connection, if played from camera, or computer processing, video card, if played from hard drive.

I beleive he has tried both harddrive and camcorder, I know he also took it to a videographer who was the guy that told him it had not written to the mem card fast enough, I will find out more specific details as soon as possible