256kb mp3 support?

I modified a generic profile to rip at 256kb instead of 128kb for the audio. It seems to work fine, but I’m not sure if the output is really 256kb. Does anyone know if the codec used to rip the audio supports 256kb? Anyway to tell from a DVD ripped to generic mp4?


If the original media you did the rip from was 256kb audio or higher the new file should be 256kb.
Try checking the file with Gspot it should tell you the codec.
I can’t say if DVDFab does the rip at 256kb for sure but it shouldn’t have that setting available if it doesn’t.
If the source was less than 256kb then it was not improved to 256kb all you got was a larger file with the same audio quality you had before.

Get MediaInfo. It integrates into windows so that just a right click on the file gets you full basic info (not to the depth that Gspot can provide).

thanks, i’ll check out with mediainfo and gspot and see what they report the output files audio to be.

Gspot tells me on a ripped mp4 for audio: mp4a: MPEG-4 AAC LC, 48000Hz Stereo 2/0. i don’t think any of that equates to 128kb, 192kb, etc. anyway to tell from the source dvd prior to ripping?