'256GB SSDs to become mainstream in laptops next year'

Originally published at: https://www.myce.com/news/256gb-ssds-to-become-mainstream-in-laptops-next-year-84171/

Laptop vendors will increasingly use SSDs in their devices and 256GB will become the mainstream capacity for SSDs in laptops by 2019, according the Taiwanese website Digitimes. The growth in capacity and demand is fueled by dropping prices and the growing demand for more storage capacity, industry insiders told the website.

If someone is really using their computer I feel 250GB or so is the minimum anyone would buy. hell, when I got my Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SSD in May 2015 it was because the prices on those were finally reasonable (while I could check to find out for sure, off the top of my head I think I paid $120 for it(possibly a bit less)) and the product is fast/reliable.

but now it’s nice to finally start seeing the 512GB range SSD’s getting around that price range as I figure for anyone who plans on having a fair amount of modern games installed really needs at least 512GB or so on their SSD in order to ensure they won’t have storage space problems and not only that I thought I read that if SSD’s become too full their performance can take a hit. but I won’t be dumping my Samsung 850 EVO 250GB anytime soon as it’s still quite fast and has enough storage for me as my larger files I tend to just put on a regular hard drive and only put stuff that really benefits from loading quick on the SSD. hell, even if I build a new computer in the not too distant future, ill probably just use my current Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SSD in it to save a bit of $$$.

p.s. so far I got a bit over 11TB written to it and it’s about a month shy of a full three years since I had it. so even if I do 4TB per year, at this rate my SSD will last at least 18+ years given it’s rated for 75TB of writes and will likely go quite a bit beyond that before actual failure occurs. this assumes the drive only dies from writes and nothing else though.