256 MB unofficial GameCube memory card (short review)

This is a short review of an item i bought to store all of my old Nintendo GameCube savegames on my Wii. The product was tested on a Wii white EU model.

The purchase

The product came from Deal Extreme. A very popular Chinese webshop, most known for their free shipping worldwide. The total cost of this memory card is $10.58 (about 8.5 euros).

Within four weeks after ordering the product arrived in the mail.

The specifications.

The product. Yes, it has a translucent pink color!

The product offers 2 x 2043 blocks of capacity for your GameCube files. Since the GameCube system cannot handle more than 128MB at max, they have decided to split the 256MB into two seperate memory slots. Via a switch you can change from one memory bank to the other. A LED shows which memory bank has been selected.

This is, of course, not an official Nintendo licensed memory card. According to Wikipedia the three official memory card sizes are: 59 blocks (4 Mbit/512 KB, gray card), 251 blocks (16 Mbit/2 MB, black), and 1019 blocks (64 Mbit/8 MB, white).

I have also the 59 and 251 official memory cards, which were used to test copying and moving several files to the 256MB card. By the way: The official 251 blocks memory card still costs $ 11.25)

The usage

Inserting the memory card in a Wii is a no-brainer. Just like any other Nintendo Gamecube memory card it slides easily into one of the memory slots.

The first thing to notice is the really bright LED. It shows you which of the two memory banks is active. There is a small button on the memory card that you can push to activate the other memory bank. Works like a charm.


I inserted the 256MB memory card in slot A and the official 59 blocks memory card in slot B. Then i powered on the Wii and accessed the memory management.

Copying and moving files from the 59 blocks to the 256MB memory slot works perfectly. The transfer is fast and flawless.

After having moved some savegames i accessed the Slot A and pressed the button on the 256MB memory card to access the 2nd memory bank. The other LED glows, showing you the selected memory bank. Several transfer and copy tests were done from and to the official 251 memory card.

All the info of the previous memory bank dissapeared from the screen and a new memory bank wit 2043 blocks free appeared. The 2nd memory bank was selected and i could again transfer, copy or store GameCube games to this memory bank.

After pressing the button again, the first memory bank appeared again and showed all the savegames made in step 2)

No problems at all. All works perfectly.



2 x 128MB (2 x 2043 blocks!) of storage for your GameCube data easily identified by a LED.

Having two seperate memory banks allows two configuration or other data from one game. You can store Amercan and Japanese saves on one memory card, by storing Americans and Europeeans on one partition and Japanese on the other.

The price: $11


Cannot access both memory banks at the same time, so if you want to transfer savegames from one memory bank to another, you need to do this with the aid of another memory card.

It’s pink


If you carefully read the tiny fine print in the manual of your Nintendo GameCube you might notice that the usage of an unofficial 3rd party device on your GameCube will void your warranty. I am not sure if this also is valid for the Wii, but if you are afraid of losing the warranty of your gaming console please consult Nintendo for more information.


If you need cheap huge memory for your GameCube savegames then get this one. Get two! :slight_smile: