255th comic - No SCSI support in Blindwrite 5

Hi comic readers,

as you might have read the news… well there is NO SCSI support in Blindwrite 5. I’ve asked about that because I had problems with Blindwrite 5 and my SCSI Plextor burner. Seems very angry to me and I just can’t understand it. OK that’s the topic of today’s comic :clap: :iagree:
So in fact this comic is really based upon real-world experience…

Here we go:

Have fun!


PS: I’ve opened a poll because of this SCSI support stuff. Please vote!

LOL!!! Good one Alex! :iagree:

Nice one Alex.

I’ve got the feeling that BlindWrite isn’t being frequently updated anymore … now they don’t even have SCSI support anymore … are they pulling the plug out of BlindWrite? :confused:

Nice one Alex

Made me chuckle.

LOL :bigsmile:

You tell 'em Jon! I mean, since those tele-monkeys at the bottom of the corporate chain make all the important business decisions for the company… :rolleyes: