2550 & 3500 Scraping On Label Side

Anyone else have this problem with either a 2550 or 3500 burner putting circular marks on the label side of the media? It looks like something is touching the top of the media as it spins. Strange though that it should happen on both the 2550 (which is used by my son) and on my 3500.

Any suggestions for a fix?

Take the bezel and faceplate off and look for something inside.

I took it apart, even removed the top and bottom covers, but it’s just impossible to see what is in there in the media compartment that might cause the marks. I even powered it up while it was apart and put one of my “coasters” in. It ran as silent as ever, but after a few minutes when I looked at the disc I could see the faint marks starting to show. Ran it a few more minutes and the marks got more pronunced.

Considering the cost of these burners I don’t think it is worth pursuing. But it has put me off NEC. As I said before, both my son’s 2550 and this 3500 are doing the same thing. And I’ve already replaced it with a Lite-On.

If anyone reading here is from NEC, I’ll gladly let you have the unit to see what’s wrong … as long as you pay for the shipping.

Thanks for your input.