254th comic - The Blindwrite DOG - - it's Odie!

Hi readers,

…okay our readers, who know me good will now know that something is wrong. It’s the first time (since a very long time) that I don’t start a comic thread with “Heya everybody”… so the holiday is over and it was… well not a good time. But that does not belong in today’s comic thread. I just hope for more motivation for the next comics… and I sure need lots of motivation.

…Blindwrite is no help either - they’ve stopped the support for SCSI with Blindwrite 5 :doh: :doh: that’s just #### … well you know what I mean :a

Here’s today’s comic:

Have fun everybody! :iagree: :smiley:


Smile… :slight_smile: …not one of your best comics I hope you won’t take it personal hopefully the good times are coming back to you. Anyway glad you’re back with new stuff keep your head up Alex :kiss: :stuck_out_tongue:

Great comic Alex!

Sorry to hear your vacation wasn’t as good as you expected.

I’m glad you still are making the comics (after this post), it was a real hell the last 2 weeks.

Keep up the good work!

Nice one

I like it. We’re veering toward true expressionism now, instead of satiric humor, and I enjoy seeing an artist make a statement from the heart.