251st comic - Mrs. Feeny, Garfield and Mrs. Feeny's new canary - Part 1

Heya everybody,

the week is soon over and that means a comic break for more than two weeks. I’ve announced this before but I just wanted to mention it again, today. :iagree: :iagree: … so Garfield has met Mrs. Feeny’s new canary… :doh: …you might already know what our cat is thinking… but stop!! Wait… you were wrong… or cat is nice to Mrs. Feeny’s canaray. It’s a selfless act … but… well… read on and you might meet the “real” Garfield (feed me)

…to be continued…


LMAO!!! :iagree:

TSJILP! :bigsmile:

That’s one big canary.

Nice comic. :iagree:

TSJILP = now what’s that Namoh?
It’s ure good to learn some new abbreviations… wel I really didn’t know that one :wink:

What a canary, I can see the hunger in Garfields eyes


That is the best one in a while.

LOL :bigsmile:

Our cat shouldn’t have too much trouble grabbing that bird out of it’s cage; but if it gets much bigger, he could have a fight on his hands.