2510a worth the extra cash?



Is the 2510a worth the extra can$22?? I can get the 2500a for can$100. I read some of the threads and so far the only advantage I saw was the ability to write in dual layer. But the 2500a can also write DL with a firmware upgrade. But I loose the warranty incase anything happens I cant use RMA. ANy feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


22.00 CAD = 16.6101 USD
100.00 CAD = 75.5004 USD

converted at xe.com


That’s only a question you can answer.

Is it worth the $22 CAN to be able to return the drive if you’re unable to burn, or have problems with burning, DL media or have a problem with the drive?

If not, then the ND-2500A might be the better deal for you.

From results thus far, the ND-2500A seems quite competent at burning DL media. However, this is pretty much been limited testing considering the cost of DL media. Its also only with one type of disc.

As more media comes out, hopefully it will paint a more clear picture if the ND-2500A drives are indeed just as capable as ND-2510A drives.


Im also concern about this, saw it outside the NEC forum at hardware recorder forum

Anyone knows if this is true?


We heard from several sources, that both drives are exactly the same. NEC tells us a story about adjustment, because they want to sell the 2510A a little more expensive!
This gets confirmed more and more, as we’ve now heard about a firmware with an additive sticker for dealers, that will make NEC ND-2500A to NEC ND-2500A+, that then supports both bitsetting and DL-recording.


Oh, its true, the 2500A+, hehehe, you are very sharp, Legnerp :slight_smile:

Well, I finally decided to buy the 2510A because the price difference I found was quite small. 6 euros in one of my favourite shops, here in Spain (www.optize.es).
I purchased the retail package, because I am very paranoid, and I like the drives to be well packaged. Besides, the price difference was, again, small.

Even if I have bought the 2510A, I still think that the DL recording is completelly useless right now. Discs are expensive, and recording is slow, and recording quality probably sucks.
The new Pioneer will be able to record DL at 4X, and this will start to be interesting.

For the record, I also ordered the Pîoneer 107D, but this time the bulk version as the retail version was much more expensive. This one was in another shop (Alternate).

yes, I ended up paying 2 shippings… oh well…


Can I ask you why did you buy 2 burners? is there any special reason? like nec doesnt read that well or pioneer doesnt write that well or vice versa???

and how did you like the 2510a ? :iagree: or :Z


When was it translated that it was NEC who is releasing this ND-2500A+?

I mean all this thing is is a ND-2500A with some other sticker stuck on it and a different firmware. It could easily be some person or company with a hacked firmware sticking their own sticker on the package and giving it a cute name.

They’re basically doing what many of us have done, flashing an ND-2500A with a different firmware. I’d like to see evidence that NEC is behind this, or that NEC created a special firmware for this company/seller, or that NEC actually authorized it.

Then I’d be more apt to say its all been a big ruse.

Until then, I can do the same thing here in my home. I can print out ugly stickers and slap them on ND-2500A drives. I can take the HP firmware and change the model name inside to ND-2500A+. I can post a pic and try to sell it to people. Does that mean its guaranteed to work? Does that mean it’ll write all DL media?

Personally, I think most (if not all) ND-2500A drives will write DL media fine. But the fact is, I have no concrete proof. And this mysterious ND-2500A+ drive and the story of it that no one has actually translated correctly is not proof either.


OK, the ND-2500A+ is not really a proof (I didn’t say that BTW), but who wants to be responsible for selling a hacked drive? Isn’t it illegal? And what about the consumer, he won’t have any warranty then, nobody would buy it…

Believe what you want, but after telling us the story about adjustment, we’ll never get the confirmation from NEC, that both drives are idetical. As long as 2510A firmwares and DL recording work on the 2500A, I don’t need it… :wink:


your point is good too. Today, anyone can easily design a sticker and print it at home.
But it seems that the Japanese shop that is selling that drive is AKIBA.
Mmmmm… AKIBA… I am pretty familiar with this shop. I think this is the shop that is always first to have the new processors (intel, AMD) in stock, isn’t it?
Then, it is a very important store!!

I ordered the NEC because, according to my knowledgement (not much), it is the best recorder. But with certain media, the Pioneer might be better. More specifically, with Ritek media, it seems that the Pioneer is better. And Ritek media is very cheap. So the Pioneer can be interesting.
Besides, a few days ago, I placed an order for 100 Ridiscs. I wanted to cancel it but I couldn’t. :frowning:

I still don’t have the NEC with me. Nor the Ridiscs.
The Pioneer has just arrived!. But I don’t have any media to test it, so will have to wait for the Ridiscs to test it.
I ordered the Ridiscs to Nierle Media in Germany, so they will get here next week.


Why not? People are buying ND-2500A drives right now and flashing them with a firmware that voids their warranty.

My point was only that unless its NEC who is releasing these drives (or providing this custom firmware), it doesn’t prove the belief that a lot of people (myself included) have: that all ND-2500A drives are capable of writing DVD+R DL media.

And I can’t imagine why NEC would release an ND-2500A+ when all this time they are saying there are differences between the the ND-2500A and NS-2510A drives. This would pretty much say they are liars if they released it or the firmware. Doesn’t make sense to me.


Like I said, I’m not sure.

I’d like to see a real translation (not a Babelfish hack job) and find out who is behind the release of the drive and if NEC is in any way involved. Then it would be more likely to back up that ND-2500A drives all will write DVD+R DL media.

I just don’t see any good reason why NEC would be involved in this. Since this drive basically says that what they’ve said in the past is probably a lie/mistruth and could just encourage people to flash their ND-2500A drives instead of buying this drive or the ND-2510A. It doesn’t make sense for NEC to do this.


Perhaps some dealers have so much ND-2500A in stock and all the people want to buy ND-2510A now (as it is not much more expensive)… So to save shipping, they just send some stickers and firmware…


@Legnerp: very good point. I was thinking exactly the same.

@thegdog: its not 100% sure, but everything points in Legnerp’s direction.

anyway, as I said, I bought the 2510A. The retail version. It bundles 2 pieces of software: Nero 6.0 and MyDVD (by Sonic). The Retail 2500A only bundles Nero, I guess.
It is good to have original software in case the pirated one fails, or have virus.


I guess thats it the 2500a plus is the updatedfirmware version of the 2500a.

I saw the sign at the akiba. says Y8,077 for the 2500a and Y8,400 for the 2500a+ and Y11k + for the 2510

I guess the official firmware updated 2500a drives cost ~400 yen more.



the same image, bigger than before

Is it AKIBA, or UTOBIA, or what?



probably UTOBIA is a big dealer, as Legnerp suggested.
and they printed their own sticker to get rid of the 2500A overstock.


What if they’re using 107v2b5 on those drives? :stuck_out_tongue:


maybe NEC had a secret deal with Harrie…


2500a and 2510a are virtually identical drives right, the only difference is the firmware

kinda like the tdk 880 and 882, right??