2510A UDMA33 or UDMA66?

does the 2510A operate with UDMA33 or UDMA66?

i can’t find any info on the NEC websites (even the German one).

WinXP / Device Manager reports UDMA33.

shall i force this to UDMA66 in the bios (Nforce2 based mobo). i think the mobo is auto-detecting UDMA33. the drive is connected as master on the secondary IDE port with an 80-wire cable, with a pioneer 106s connected as slave (and recognized in XP as UDMA66).

thanks in advance.


Udma 33

thx for the answer. i found the cdfreaks article on the 2500a, and it mentions that the dvd-movie read speed is locked at 5x max…which explains why my rip times in dvdshrink are slower on the NEC vs Pioneer.


Most of the hacked firmwares you see posted on this forum remove the riplock. It speeds it up significantly, but still not as fast as a DVD-ROM can rip.

good info. thanks.

i’m still a little skittish on installing hacked firmware…however, i may do so in order to experiment with bitsetting.

(i didn’t know what riplock meant since i had not researched it previously. now, its like, “duh”. i had only done research on bitsetting).