2510a Region Changes in XP

Greetings all. Great site and forum. Have learned much but have what I think may be a noobish question. After buying 2510a and installing I noticed that the DVD region in windows was blank and that I had 5 “chances” to set it before the player would be rendered unuasable (if it gets to 0…). I decided to flash the drive to herries modded 2.16 in order to open the 8x speed and other goodies. Now I looked and set it to region 1 and have only 1 change left… Is there a way to bypass this in windows(I would like to keep the drive functional) or more generally, is this something to be worried about if it counts down to 0!? Thanks in advance :bigsmile: ,

Use DVDInfoPro or Nero InfoTools and look what they says about RPC. If the drive is RPC1 then there’s nothing to worry about.
The “1 change left” is “normal” in Windows when the drive is RPC1. All my RPC1 drives has 1 change left :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply, and yes - Nero says:
Region Code: All
Changes Left: User n/a
Vendor n/a

So no need to worry about problems with swapping the drive out(between machines), or future firmware flashes right? Tend to get paranoid about MS threat messages…

RPC1 = no region, so nothing to worry about.

However, if you flash the firmware in the future and it is not hacked to be RPC1 then your drive will go back to its old ways (IE telling you that you only have X changes left etc)

Well, be aware that when you flash a drive to be region free, there are other region counters on your system that will exist. Windows doesn’t do a very good job showing you these counters and its counter jumps around severely especially for RPC-1 drives. Look into DVD Region Killer and DVD Genie which are software region counter solutions. DVD Geni can reset some counters and Region Killer works around software counters so that they don’t decrease when you change the region to play a DVD.

Thanks. I will look into Region Killer. So far, so good.