2510a Read Errors

I recently installed my NEC 2510a in my computer system. I had no issues burning ProDisc R03 8X disks at the full rated speed of 8x. However when I attempt to read them back on the NEC I get numerous read errors and bad data. If I attempt to read the same discs back on a Sony DDU-1612 or DDU-1621, I get no read errors at all. I’ve got a spare Sony DDU-1612 that I could install and just use for reading.

I don’t really plan on doing DVD rips. I bought the NEC to backup my digital images on DVD. If the combination of NEC and Sony will do the trick I guess I could live with that, although it will mean having to pull one of my hard drives to free up an IDE Cable.

Anyone else find that the NEC has trouble reading back disc’s that were created on the same drive? Would burning at 6x or 4x help much?


The nec is not a good reader, so it’s possible that he oesn’t reads his own burned discs…

It happened for some people here. I still don’t know if it is a hardware issue (Is some 2500A worse reader?) or media issue. Probably the latter.

I expect most DVD drives and players can read your 8x burned disc without any problem. Only 2500A is the problem maker.

Also from my experience, I can say that burning them at lower speed definitely helps.

PS. Having a separate reader is generally a good habit. At least it helps protecting the expensive writer. (Well… the fast pricedrop makes me hesitate saying the word “expensive.” :smiley: )

My 2500A is the same way. What I plan on eventually doing is grabbing up the Rosewill 52x32x52x16 combo drive and dropping that in the system so I don’t have a CD-RW and a DVD-Rom as well as a DVD-Burner in the computer. The Rosewill will take care of everything else I need. :wink:

Update - I tried the following and am now getting perfectly readable disks on the NEC with no Read Errors reported.

Defragged the harddrive. Created an ISO image of my disk first. Used the ISO image on the defragged drive and burned at 4x.

With all of these variables, I’m not sure which one is fixing the issue, but things seem much more pleasant now.