2510A & Nero - Device "in use"

I’ve got a 2500a in one machine which works great. So, I went and bought a 2510A for another. Nero keeps telling me the device is “in use” so it can’t access it. Saw thread that indicated NEC wants Nero, which isn’t out yet, for the 2510. I’ve tried a few of the older suggestions for the “in use” problem, with no affect. I find it interesting that the drive is list as “NEC DVD_RW ND-2510A" No other device has that "” in front the name.

Any ideas?

check nero site :

Why does Nero say that my drive is already in use?

Thank, but no help

Been there, already running latest version, too.

is any other burning software installed? nero incd? sonic DLA? roxio directcd?
what else is there in your configuration? is this drive replacing another drive? if so did you uninstall the prior software? is this a windows xp system? if so have you disabled the built in windows xp burning service?

here is what i found when i googled “drive in use”

At first it seem obvious. Another program is using the drive. However, no other programs that I have running would be using it either. Nothing in Startup would require use of the drive. Nothing in the Registry’s ‘Run’ folder requires it.

The problem is then isolated to Windows XP’s IMAPI service, which is used for managing CD imaging (ie. burning). Setting it to Manual was not enough, which I had set before. Setting it to Disable got rid of this problem. After that, it was smooth sailing with Nero 6.

This is a Win2K machine with the same software (Nero 6 suite) + clone CD as the two other systems I have with DVD burners. One unit is a win2k with a CD-RW 48x and an Optorite DD401 and the other is WinXP Pro unit with a DVD-Rom and an NEC 2500A. They both work fine.

I had read one thread on IMAPI, but it wasn’t running. How do you disable it? And, don’t you need it for any Media (type) Player software.

The one interesting thing is Nero sees the device as “NEC…” Why the lead in underscore, other devices not have it.

Flashed to 2.21. No change. Eliminated virtual drive in Alcohol. Nothing. DVDinfo says drive is ready, but Nero still says in use. Whats holding it? Any ideas?

InCD or other packet writing software could be your culprit.
Disable any packet writing apps.

Nero .17 released today

Look here to disable Imapi Services in XP


Don’t worry about _NEC_XXXXX
It’s the drive looks in Devices on all platforms.

Tried this a few days ago (and again just now). My Win 2k machine doesn’t have IMAPI running. Upgrading to Nero doesn’t help either. I noticed that Ahead doesn’t list the 2510A as a supported drive, yet.

You didn’t confirm that there is no packet writing software running.

Also I noticed you have Clonecd. Although I don’t use it I have read many times on its “Hide CDR” or “Hide atip” option may interfere with drive / media recognition.
Also have you any “Virtual drives” from Clonecd or Alcohol (is it Alcohol ?) and the like ?

Try upgrading those software or disabling them.

Edit Also check or change your IDE cable.

First response than an update (this is not a 2510 problem). I eliminated the virtual drives and have it set so the CLoneCD file that is suppose to run at startup doesn’t.

This system is the only Intel system I’ve built, Gigabyte PE667 U. First, I swapped the Lite-On CDRW with the NEC so the NEC was the master. Nero than indicated that both drives were in use. I went and reinstalled the Intel Application Accelerator. Now Nero sees the 2510A but indicates the Lite-On as in use. I suspect the problem has something to do with the IAA driver. Now the 2510 works fine (DVD+R media, BTW)

Thanks all, I will keep researching the basic problem, but it is now “off-topic” for the NEC forum.