2510a nec newbie- please help- bitsetting SL



I bought this as an upgrade- brand new from Comp usa- madgod 6 in 1 dual layer/format.

my previous drive was an hp300i which worked perfectly.

Now however- when using my memorex media- the dvd will burn- but will NOT play in my apex dvd player. All burns using memorex media and using dvd shrink have played perfectly as burnt by my Hp300i.

I’ve read thru this site for 10 hours or more and my head is broken.

I want Riplock removal- and SL and DL bitsetting (or just SL if i must)

for a nec 2510a - what do i need- what firmware best serves what i want - where do i get it- and if it’s not windows( dummy proof) how do i “flash”
my nec is slaved i believe (2nd rom drive)


See this link…



arg link to 40 pages i don’t understand.

and the windows flasher doesn’t work for me (i have a nec 2510 not 2500)
i still don’t know what to do.


Wait for Herrie’s site to come back online, then read his latest newspost. He recommends a firmware for ND-2500A drives and then firmwares for ND-2510A drives based on their current firmware revisions.


he mentions “Upcoming bitsetting features” so the 2.06 with windows flasher for the 2510- would not currently allow me to Bitset my dvdr+ to dvd rom booktype?

I suppose i have to wait then for the features.