2510A help!?

Just got an nec 2510A dl burner from newegg. Showed up in my computer and reads dvds perfectly. The only problem is that when i put in blank dvd media in it my computer says it is a cd-rom drive. I have tried dvd±r and rw blanks but whenever i place it in, it says it is a cdrom drive. :a Please help. Thanks.

Where is the problem?
Doesn’t it burn?

I see the same behavior here… but I don’t care… there’s no problem… :confused:

Perhaps you could blame Billy :bigsmile:

the problem is that i can’t burn dvds. Every time i put a blank dvd in i cant burn anything.


What burning application do you use?

nero 6

Why can’t you burn? What happens exactly?

Have a look here first:

i go to nero. create dvd. i load a bunch of crap. then i click burn. then it says i have a cd in and that i need to put in a higher capacity disk!!??

Does DVDInfoPro recognize the empty disc?
What does it show?

He has not selected DVD from the drop down when he clicks new. He still has CD selected :wink: