2510A: FW Stock 2.15 vs. 107v2b5?

There’s a lot of talk here about 2500A drives and the 107v2b5 fw because of all the goodies that are supported (riplock, rc1, bitsetting, DL). However, I really haven’t seen a lot about what people think about using Herrie’s 107v2b5 fw with the 2510A and the overall long-term results they’ve been gettting with it.

I have a few questions that I hope I can get answered in one place, so maybe it will benefit others in my position:

[li]Will I gain/lose media compatibility burning for DVD±R/RW media if I use 107v2b5 instead of 2.15?
[/li][li]Will I gain/lose media compatibility buring for CD-R/RW if I use 107v2b5 instead of 2.15?
[/li][li]Does Nero 6 bitsetting work consistently with the 107v2b5 fw? If not, what would be the best bitsetting utility to use on my media?
[/li][li]Besides the fact that I should get more features from the drive when installing 107v2b5 fw, will there be anything I will be losing other than the warranty?
[/li][li]When I use 107v2b5 and I can unlock the burning speed for my media, should I leave it at what the media is rated for, or should I just experiment to see if I can get good burns from it?

I know there’s been lots of talk about these sorts of things, but I’m trying to determine if I wanna put the 107v2b5 FW back on my drive and live with the changes it makes to the FW. I keep thinking that anytime I burn a bad disk, it’s the FW or the media, and I really trying to get a good understanding of the status quo with 107v2b5.

Also, last question about Nero 6… I’m burning using the 2.15 FW my photo archive (4 GBs worth), and Nero always fails on the verify. Is this a problem with Nero, or is the DVD+R media actually flawed and that’s why I’m getting errors?

Thanks in advance

[ul]You will gain DVD media compatibility
[li]no change in CD-R/RW compatibility
[/li][li]No, Nero bitsetting has not worked reliably with any NEC drive.
[/li][li]See the FAQ for bitsetting tools
[/li][li]You lose nothing other than your warranty rights
[/li][li]Experiment to see how your specific drive performs at various speeds with your specific media.

Thank you! You’ve been a great help!