2510A flashed to 2500A

is it possible to flash a 2510 to a 2500a using Herries last non Dual layer firmware for the 2500a

the reason I ask is I would like another 2500A (not interested in Dual layer) and the firmware Im using (think it the last one released for the 2500a before dual layer was added) is a killer drive it burns great.

The only drive I can seem to get hold of now is the 2510A , and I dont think the firmware was developed as much as on the 2500A.

So was wondering if it was possible to flash down ie 2510 >2500 and only lose the dual layer and still have all the modifyed media codes of herries 2500a firmware

hope this makes sense(had a few beers so sorry if it dont)

Yes, of course it’s possible.
The easy way is Binflash… :bow:
DOS flasher from Herrie should work also fine for you.

Herrie 1.07v2beta4 is the latest non-DL firmware. In the past I used this because Nero “fill’o’meter” always defaulted to DL capacity and it was difficult to fill a single layer DVD. In 6.6 Nero has corrected this matte so you can choose SL or DL capacity.

I have therefore moved to the latest Maddog FW (2.F7) which is just a good qualitywise with newer write strat’s for RW-media.

Look at http://www.micheldeboer.nl/firmware/index.html for a collection of firmwares…