2510a errors w/ different firmwares

So far I’ve tried Herries B6 (whichever the lastest) and the beta HP520 based DB’s. Both flash perfect and of course my drives title is downgraded, but the REAL problem is the drive begins to become unresponsive over about 20min period.

I was not able to bitset w/ Herries HP based and the DB’s would only bitset for one disk and then stated in all programs my drive didn’t support it again?? After the first bitset I heard the drive continue trying to read the disk or making a “writing” type of sound. Then any time thereafter all programs Dvdinfo would lock up when trying to bitset or even erase my +RW. Also same results w/ Nero (newest patched) When I flash back to orginal FW it works perfect again!

Should I hold my breath on the next releases based my drives orginal firmware or is there something wrong w/ my drive??

A side thought , when I was erasing my +RW w/ flashed DB’s FW it stopped in the middle and gave some strage error. @ this point I flashed back to orginal.

Try this one - it’s totaly success for me. :bigsmile: