2510a can read but can't burn in win98

Hi all

Just got a new NEC 2510a, can play DVD’s perfect. But can’t burn to any cd or DVD using nero6 (trial copy). I can use nero6 to burn to my other cd writer fine.

I’ve changed the IO channel so its a msaster by itslef or a salve on onother chanel, but still no luck.

Can’t seem to control DMA through windows, no option on either the device or the IDE controler?

I think I have set it up in BIOS, but am not 100% sure. (I have a EPOX board) for which I have downloaded latest BIOS.

Anybody using this drive on Win98?

Any help appreciated



Is the NEC on the IDE controller that’s right on the motherboard itself or is it on a separate PCI IDE controller? Some PCI IDE controllers aren’t very friendly towards optical drives; I have a Promise Ultra 66 PCI IDE controller that will work somewhat ok with optical drives but it has a few problems such as high CPU usage when writing (even at < 2MB/sec) and failing to run come copy protected games.

You might have to upgrade to XP. It works fine on mine but there are no drivers out there. I’ve searched and all you’ll find is firmware. XP recognises it no probs, I’m using Roxio Media Creator 7.0, Nero 6 and DVDXCopy Platinum v3.2.1 to satisfy all my burning requirements. The only problem is the 2.15 firmware only allows me to burn 8X disks at 4X so I’ll have to upgrade that if it becomes an issue. :slight_smile:

Use Dvddecrypter and try if it works. You can get it here http://www.dvddecrypter.com/
And DVDshrink is also usefull http://www.dvdshrink.org

You can get problems with the filesize, just tell the programs to split at 1gb (I think you will have no problems with the filesize if you shrink it to VIDEO_TS folder).

But the first thing is if Dvddecrypter recognizes your Nec and then you can play around.