2510A and ricohjpnr01 bad?

Just bought a spindle of Traxdata dvd+r 4x which is RICOHJPNR01, supposed to be very good media. However, I’m not satisfied with the result and get much better burns with the Traxdata dvd-r which is RitekG04.

Is the Traxdata RICOHJPNR01 known to be some kind of B-grade media or fake?
I’m using the maddog 2F7 firmware on my 2510A, which allows 6x writing on the ricohjpnr01 media, but I’m only using 4x since it gives much better burns (but still not as good as with the ritekg04).

Also, I don’t really know where to draw the line between a good and a bad burn, so can anyone tell me if the burns done with the dvd+r media perhaps are ok after all? And does these kind of error affect how long the disc will live?

DVD+R, RICOHJPNR01, burnt at 4x
DVD-R, RITEKG04, burnt at 4x

Agreed, the second burn is better than the first, but I wouldn’t be too unhappy.

Most of my burns drops a bit in the end, when my FW-modded (16x enabled) Liteon 163D reaches the end of the disc. Of cause it shows a less than perfect burn, but not one that would be regarded as problematic if using non-modded FW (allowing approx. 8x at my 163D). Judging from the first burn, you can read reliably up to 10x, where the curve settles at the end.

I draw my line at 8x - if the reoccuring drops gets below a 8x curve (apparently the Liteon FW reduces the read speed in 2x steps when problems occur), I redo critical discs with a lower speed.

IMHO some of the posts in this forum require a higher quality than needed (eg. perfect read curve to 16x and P1’s below 20).

I am happy if my discs have a lifetime of 10 years - by that time, I would probably have moved the important content to a newer storage technology. I mean: Why keep the old soft 5.25" floppies, as I don’t have a drive read them these days. Instead I keep 2 copies of the important data (pictures of the kids and the recording of my wedding ;-), ideally on two different media types stored at different places.

RICOHJPNR01 is known to vary in quality!
I’ve had a batch that always produced scans with higher PI/PIF levels near the end of the disc when burned at 8X.
My current batch burns beautifully at 8X and can read up to 16X in a transfer rate test on my 3500A.