2510A 2F7 riplock and nero cd-dvd speed

Out of lurker mode for my first post :stuck_out_tongue:

I recently upgraded my 2510 from stock 2.15 firmware to the maddog 2F7.
I used the 2510FAST.EXE which is supposed to have riplock removed but no RPC1 (since I don’t need it).

I thought this would make it possible to scan my burns at higher speed in Nero CD-DVD speed, but I still have a starting speed at 3x which has increased to about 8x at the end of the disc. I’ve noticed many of you here have a starting speed of about 6-8x and an end speed of about 16x when you post screenshots from the test. How do I get the drive to do the testing at those speeds?

no 16X or 12X with the 2510 that i know of. just 3500 will do that. if you use a 8X disk it will start out higher…did you use a 4X disk?

starting speed of 6-8x and end speed about 16x is the reading test of dvd+r/-r burnt as dvd-rom and read using dvdrom/dvdrw that capable of 16x dvdrom reading. :slight_smile:

Wow, quick reply, thanx! :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’ve done the scanning with two types of 4x discs, Traxdata dvd+r RICHOJPNR01 (burnt at 6x, bitset to DVD-ROM) and Traxdata dvd-r RITEKG04, so I guess that explains it then?

I just tried a pressed dvd-movie and the scanning started at 5x and ended at about 12x, so I guess everything is alright.

BTW I also have and old Pioneer DVD105 dvd-rom reader, but I think it’s starting to die on me since it won’t perform scans at higher speeds than 2.5x anymore and takes ages to rip movies using DVD-Shrink.
Any idea of what brand and model dvd-rom to get instead (would be nice if it supported k-probing or some kind of quality testing, although I cant afford another burner for it)?

For those results you speak of i use my lite-on 166s :slight_smile: other decent lite-on/sony/toshiba/benq dvd-roms acheive similar.