2510A 2.15FW Windows XP weirdness

I searched around and haven’t seen anything quite like this:

New NEC ND-2510A v2.15, installed on primary master (PATA), won’t recognize media being removed and reinserted, won’t autorun. I thought it was a bad drive, so I got a replacement - same thing.

Here’s my config:

Abit IS7 mobo, SATA Western Digital 80g - replaced cables, updated BIOS, same thing…

Updated ASPI drivers, forced DMA both in BIOS and Windows. I’m out of ideas, and need some help from he experts. :bow:

If you have anything else connected to the same IDE channel as your ND-2510A, try removing it and see if that works. (Try the drive on the 2nd IDE channel also)

Also check for latest drivers for your IDE contoller or try Microsofts own drivers

There is a Microsoft Article that explains that this is a known issue…I think service Pack 2 takes care of it. The work around is to remove the DVD player from the device MGR. then scan for hardware changes. I will look for the link.

I tried that before, still does the same crap. However, I removed it in DevMan and scanned for changes - it saw the new disk, but it still didn’t recognized when I popped it out and put another in. It will read it, but the icon/disc name won’t change and it won’t autorun.

I’m thinking about reloading Windows, it’s been about 10 months or so anyway…

Check here to see if it will help.

I already flashed to the latest…

I had the same trouble and the only cure was to re install windows,as an upgrade from windows its self.

Yeah, thats pretty much the direction I was heading. F* Bill Gates.