2510 to 2500

I have some Ritek R03 8x DVD’s, I couldn’t burn them on 8x. I flashed my drive to 2500 using 1.07 beta 5. Now it’s doing fine, did anyone try this before? What are your experiences?


Never with Riteks, but I have been very happy with the results in the past for Verbatims and FujiFilms.

I still don’t know/where to test the disc, I do have the programs but my 2510 doesn’t seem to run the tests in Nero or kprobe. It must be because I’m new to this.


Never mind the last part, I found it (no support).

Thanx, Sparks

I do my tests with a speed curve in CD-DVD speed. If you got Nero, you probably already have it installed - mine is in the Nero toolkit.

When you run that program, you just press start. In due time, you will get a curve looking like mine below. That curve shows me that everything is reasonably fine without being perfect - apaarently the burn is a bit troubled by the end. However, the read speed where it drops is 12x and I can live with that…