2510 or 3500

I’m new at all this and have just enough information to do damage :slight_smile: I first ordered the ND-2510A from newegg. I then noticed the ND-3500 for a few bucks more and ordered it. One is going back. I’ve read some threads talking about the speeds of the 2510 actually being faster than the 3500, in certain applications. Is this true? I also am very impressed with the reviews of the 2510, the 3500 being newer has only a few. Will the 3500 perform as well as the 2510, hopefully better since the 3500 is the one I want to keep. Thanks

At 4X and 8X the ND-2510A is slightly faster at writing a disc, however with certain 8X media which can be burned at 12X or 16X on the ND-3500A then the ND-3500A is much faster than the ND-2510A.
The ND-3500A is also a much faster reader than the ND-2510A
I would keep the ND-3500A :wink:
Also, 16X media is now starting to appear.


Agree 100% with Dee-also you have the different (improved) laser with the 3500-at a comparable cost (VERY much worth the small $17 difference between them)-

Also you get 48x CD burning in the deal - and with Herrie on the loose - well who knows…

Happy Burnin’


I’ve considered picking up a 3500A but I love my 2500A too much. Is it possible to firmware upgrade the 2500A to a 3500A or are the laser differences a roadblock?

Different optics and different chipset, upgrade from 2500/2510 to 3500 is not possible.
I still have my 2510A in a 2nd PC :slight_smile: