2510 Newbie with some problems

Hi there,

First off, glad to be here. I’ve read the “Read these threads first” and I still can’t get what I was looking for…

Here’s what I have

Windows 2000, 1024 x 768 in 32 bit color

NEC DV2510A drive with Nero OEM Suite (Also running Ahead Nero from before I installed this new stuff, so both sets of software are installed)

DVD Drive jumper is set to “slave”

Drive is hooked on the same ribbon as the hard drive (which is the only hard drive on my system)

I have a “regular” CD-RW attached to its own IDE ribbon as well

I did the “DMA enabled” step on my IDE drives, but not yet on my bios

I use a sony CPD 300 SFT monitor which is also running on a Nvidia GE Force 4MX Integrated GPU. I read the thing about Nvidia problems but I’m not sure how that applies to me.

Not sure what else you need to know…

Ok so basically I can’t play any DVDs (movies) for a start. I don’t have any blank ones so I can’t report on my ability to record yet, but I was hoping to get the player to work so I can at least see DVDs on my computer.

What player should I use when viewing DVDs?

Here’s a screen shot of what I get for the most part when I try to play a movie…

Thanks in advance!


I think your problem is as stated in the warning dialog, if its an Integrated GPU there may not be enough memory. You may be able to assign more memory in your BIOS, or try reducing the display resolution as suggested. Integrated GPU can normally be assigned system memory to use, but you don’t state how much system memory you have. Also, have you checked to see if new drivers are available?

It may be time to think about a stand alone graphics card, if your m/board has a A.G.P. socket then it may be possible to disable the onboard graphics, and use a stand alone card.

What are you using as your playing software that gives you that warning? I’m using Power DVD, but I’ve also uses NERO showtime and Windows Media Player (I think I needed a codec or pluggin for the latter), and haven’t had problems, even though I have a pretty weak integrated video accelerator on my motherboard, with minimal shared memory.

I have a gig of ram in this machine, and the mother board I use apparently is expandable to add to the video memory. Somehow, between a gig of memory on a 2.4 chip with a fairly new motherboard, I’m having trouble digesting that it’s a memory issue, even though I understand that having a gig of RAM does not necessarily translate into having tons of memory for the video stuff. I run all sorts of video applications on this box, and have had no issues yet…It’s a K7N2G motherboard, if that helps anyone…

And I’m using Nero Showtime with no luck at all at this point. I’ll give Power DVD a look…

Any more advice would be helpful. Thanks!

Ok, I’m watching DVDs…turned out it was the player. It works fine with Power DVD…

So my next question: What’s a coaster?

So my next question: What’s a coaster?

A burn that went wrong rendering the CD/DVD useless, except for something to put your cup of coffee on, hence the word coaster :slight_smile:

ah…silly me.


Coaster-- a device used to prevent water rings on fine furniture. WARNIG! failure to engage said coaster may result in reduction of beer funds.

edit: nevermind problem was solved