2510 is better than 3500.. why?

Well, i have a 2510 running on firmware 2.16
and i have 2x 3500 running on firmware 2.16

OK, 2510 does a much better job on reading my dvd’s

I tried 5 cheap media that I burned with both the 2510 and 3500.
All of them failed while reading the disc on 3500, but all of them worked in the 2510.

Yes, 3500 read a lot faster, but who need faster when they are gonna give read errors anyways??

Ofcourse with good media this wouldnt be a issue, but the fact is, 2510 is a better reader than 3500.

Part II:
Media speed. I havent got any disc at all allows to burn faster on my 3500, but on my 2510 they all go faster. Like TY01 goes 8x on 2510 but 4x on 3500. My Verbs goes 8x on 2510, 4x on 3500. Thats write goes 6x on 2510 and 4x on 3500.

Hmm… Also using standard firmware, no hacks on either of them.

Yes, i know the 3500 is 16x, but as far as for now, I think the 2510 is a better device.

I see your point but most of drives perform more well in lower speed.
If 3500A user want to reduce read error they can just open ‘Nero Drive Speed’.