2510 has serius problems in writing DVD+RW ...and many more

I replaced my 2500 with 2510 and now i am unhappy because after many test I realised that it has a serius problem in writing DVD+RW (I tested TDK -RICOH JPNW11 made - and also Philips) nero couldn’t verify the good writing. Also I have problems with DVD+R writing quality (I am using TAIYO YUDEN R47TY). I have to say that when i had 2500 I was very satisfied cause I didn’t had any problem at all, in fact i was a happy owner of the -in my opinion- the most reliable DVD writer. When I scan older recording with DVDinfo Pro the are just perfect…

I uses original FW

S/W I used:
NERO versions:,,
DVDinfo Pro V2.54

(Also I tested 2 * 2510 devices)

In fact I noticed a better behaviour with Nero
in writing DVD+RW …

It should be a Firmware problem or your drive is broken. Try different Firmware, if it will not help, reflash back original and return it for replacement.

don’t trust too much nero verify option.

Why didn’t you just flash the 2500 firmware to 2510?