2510 dual layer success

I burned my first Dl disk with the 2510a nec drive. I was a total success. I used Herries beta 5 firmware so i could set the bitsetting to dvd-rom. I set it fine and went from book type dvd+r before burn to dvd-rom after burn . It plays in all my panasonic 740 stand alone dvd player and even in my dvd player in the family van.

If someone tells me what programs to use I will send pics of disk performance so you guys can tell me how it looks. It took 43 minutes to burn 8.3 gb of info. Long time but it is worth it to me if all th disks burn and work like this one.

One question, by using herries cracked firmware beta 5 will any of the features of the 2510a BE altered in a negative way. I just want to make sure I did not change anything in the drive that will cause problems with the drive or its dual layer hardware capabilites. I know I asked this before, but I just want to be sure. If herrie reads this could you please answer


that is great news :slight_smile:
what program did you use to burn it ?

nero ultra 6.3.15

Thnx for reply,1 more ? did you burn from a iso or vob?

I ripped with dvd decrypter, then used dvd-video option on nero to burn
I also changed book type to dvd-rom with dvdinfo pro. So far so good. I am now waiting for the herries hacked fw based on the 2.15 2510a orig firmware with bitseting and media speed up. Hopefully it will be soon

thnx for all your info :slight_smile:
I thought about using dvd decrypter to burn dl since its been so good to me,also copy to dvd been very good to me .
Its good to know you had sucess with nero
I just don’t want to create such an $$ coaster.
where did you get dl media?
I am too waiting for the herries hacked fw based on the 2.15 2510a orig firmware with bitseting and media speed up

Forget about 2.15 with bitsetting, this will NEVER happen!

Herrie are you going to make a new fw that is based on or somewhat on the org fw of the 2510a?? Or what is the next fw

BTW Thanks for all your great work!!

Herrie sayd “the 2.15 with bitsetting, this will NEVER happen”.

He said also that HP’s FW is based on NEC’s.

I think - the reasonable question will be:
Isn’t it possible to flash HP FW directly into NEC :cool: ? I really don’t care what’s the name of my HW for the applications.

Just a question, Herrie?

Well won’t HP have their own 2.15 DL firmware with bitsetting that we can use on NEC?

That’s exactly what I am asking, DeadMan.
The only thing is that HP FW is 2.21 as I understand.

So did you try flashing your 2510 with this? This should be the same as 107V2B5 (with bitsetting) but without Herrie’s enhanced 8x media support, I think.

No I did not try it because I don’t know what the consequences will be.

I don’t think it’s like Herries 107V2B5 because Herrie made it actually for 2500.
I already have a DL drive and I wont make it 2500@2510.

I really think that HP 520n’s FW should fit directly into ND-2510, because HP is OEM NEC.
The only thing is just if HP has somewhere (In some EEPROM eventually, or a place in flash which is not readable with TDB’s application) written that it’s HP, not NEC, and it will probably not accept the flashing :confused:

Did someone try it, guys?


Herries 1.07v2b5dl is based on the firmware 2.21 from HP520. It has been modified and can be flashed on the 21x0A and 25x0A.
The HP520 firmware from TDB is the same thing without Herries media support. It can be flashed on every 21x0A and 25x0A, has riplock removed, is RPC1 and supports bitsetting and duallayer. You can only flash it in real DOS, because it has the original version number 2.21. Herries firmware comes with the Windows flasher. When you want to flash a drive other than 2500A you’ll also need the DOS-version.
In all cases the drive will show up as ND-2500A.


Help’ I own the nec ne-2510a stck 2.15 firmware
I want to burn dl but i want to bitset it, what is the best firmware 2.21?

thnx for any help

Herries 1.07v2b5dl is the best !
But if you don´t need enhanced media speed and support you can also use the TDB version of the HP520 …

best wishes

Prema :slight_smile:

I just “upgraded” my NEC 2500A to the 2510A using Herrie’s FW (the one based on 2510A, version 2.15). Worked like a charm. Thanks Herrie.

The problem is that whatever player I use seems to play both layers perfectly, except the area that appears to be the transition from 1 layer to the next. The players either completely freeze at that point or temporarily freeze for 10 seconds, then play 2-3 seconds of movie before freezing again. The movie was ripped using the latest version of DVD Decrypter and burned using Nero, also with the latest updates. Burn completed without errors or buffer underrun problems.

Has anybody else had this problem? If so, any suggestions on how to correct it? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Interesting - my home player, a '99 Phillips model seems to do that transition thing even on prerecorded dvds.

Thnx :slight_smile: