2510 (Dual layer) firmware works on 2500!


But he does not have any dual layer media to test with. We may have to wait a while before we know if it will work. But at least we know the firmware can be flashed onto the 2500 :slight_smile:

NEC has identical hardware both in 2510A and 2500A, so it MUST work! This is cheap solution to use existing hardware to produce next generation model. 2500A has great potential, and NEC saw the future, when made this drive. Bigger tweaks - better hardware. :slight_smile: NEC’s OEM customers are big and NEC will not mess wits small people community like ours. :smiley:
Also, this is a good promotion to NEC’s 2500a - dual layer patch.

Wow!..i just bought an NEC 2500a today…sorry Benq. :stuck_out_tongue:

I just want to test this DL firmware in my drive! :smiley:
Please, publish some links with it!
Bubble_Boy, do you have headphone jack and volume adjust in your new drive?
Mine has all this useless stuff. :frowning:

Server, no mine does not have the headphone jack and volume dial. I just assumed that was because mine is an oem version ($30 cheaper to buy than retail pack).
The photo in OC-Freak’s review has the dial and jack. Is it anything to worry about, performane the same? I never use those 2 features anyway.

Wonderful news indeedy. Anyone care to post a screen shot of Nero InfoTool or DVDInfoPro captures of drive information for us?.. :smiley:

I think, what has been changed in the new drives without jack and dial… Maybe only new drives will make Dual Layer, not older with jack and dial.

I have an OEM NEC too. Manufactured in February. So, that’s why my drive has these usless features. I like NOT having this dial and jack due to dust issues.

That would be wicked

Ok - no dial or 1/8th inch jack here either.

We are kind of jumping to conclusions here guys. We have no proof whatsoever that this is legit…

Can somebody give us the hard evidence we need to celebrate? :bow:

Server, mine has manufacturing date of March, 2004. It might not make any difference though.

Server, have you considered that maybe NEC decided to do away with the jack and dial on the 2500A so as to distinguish it from the 2510A?

Have a look at the bottom of the page in this link.
Photo of 2510A

mine has manufacturing date of March 2004 also, and it has all the useless stuff.
Though mine is a black drive.

does it even matter if no headphone jack and volume changer?
Mine has it but was just wondering if it even matters to the drive

Probably headphone jack and volume changer comes only in retail not oem.

Its all speculation currently. We dont even know if this supposed 2500@2510 hack is legit. Time will tell. No use getting worked up yet…

We play, the waiting game.

I wont be a believer until someone else can confirm it, be it Dangerous Bros or Herrie.

Where has this bios come from, its one whisper, like the thread about someone had bought a 2510a, but was mistaken and was a 2500a, doh!. :rolleyes:

It may just be hype, like the good old Pioneer 106, remember the 2500a wasnt designed for dual layer, so if we get it, its a bonus.

Well the dude is gonna post the firmware to Herrie for testing. Looks legit. On the variations in drive build. Mine has a jack and volume on the front. I don’t think there are any differences in the actual chipsets though otherwise surely you would not be able to flash with normal firmware necause they would be different (Maybe there is a A on the end of NEC2500 for versions with/without the useless bezel?).

Won’t know until Herrie gets a good look at the firmware which should be soon hopefully. Read that thread for the lowdown.

What just like the 1100 and 1300 are? and as we all know that worked like a clock with a hand missing.

My NEC 2500A is grey with the jack and dial. manufactured in April 2004 (Malaysia) came with the stock 1.06 firmware.
Wait and see… :slight_smile:

Some screen shots were posted, make what you will of them

If it is a stock firmware why is it rpc1
and also why dont you use the new version of nero info which can detect DVD+R DL and nec usually embed a serial number in the firmware.
, sound a bit dodgy to me

it might be just another prank, will just have to wait