2510 burns ENZO 'FORNEX101' disks perfectly

I’ve just bought the 2510A and lucky for me took a punt on some cheap DVD-R, 1-4X Speed, 4.7GB. Paid Aust $10 for pack of 10 and so far have burnt five movies and all have played beautifully. (Branded ENZO, show up as FORNEX101 in Nero Info tool.)
Unfortunately, I can’t run pi error test on the disks in CD Speed because I get an intitialisation error (regardless if it’s the original movie or the ENZO disk). I ran scandisk tool and found no errors on any of burnt disks.
I am just a newbie but I hope this can be helpful to anyone out there.

Funny you mention FORNEX101.

I had a pack the other day also, being in Oz, myself. I tried a burn in my SOHW-832s, it was an instant coaster. Tried again in the 2510 - and it was a flawless burn!

Yay for NEC!!!

$10 for 10 is expensive, try the Laser 25/50 spindle (made by Vanguard if the discs were made in Taiwan, AML if the discs were made in Hong Kong). Cost like $30 for a 50 spindle!!!

I recommand the Vanguard ones, some people says they’re crap, but they’re awesome on my NEC 2500a!!

I haven’t seen these in the US…
Anyone know if they’re available somewhere state-side?

In response to the original question, which I forgot to answer! (sorry!), you cannot use an NEC drive for PI/PO correction data scanning. It doesnt support the VC’s or Vendor Commands required.

Try a LiteOn drive to do this. :slight_smile: