2510 and Ritek R03 burn quality @8x



Since I’m definatly new here and didn’t have time to read all the posts I’ll just go ahead and ask something. I hope you don’t mind.

I own a Nec 2510, I couldn’t burn my Arita (Ritek R03) discs at 8x because Nec only supports it at 4x max. So I flashed a 2500 bios (1.07 beta 5) after trying several bioses. Finaly I’m able to burn it at 8x.

I tested the disc, I think it’s ok. What do you say?
Why the hell do they keep it at 4x??



Looks good to me.

I’m running mad dog 2F7 on my 2510a with good results. It does R03 @8x and allows auto-bitsetting on SL and DL +R.

You can get it at The Dangerous Brothers site (along with the proper Booktype utility) if you want to try it.

It’s the latest factory authorized firmware I know about for the 2510a.


As I understand it from others and experience, the quality of R03 varies. Some works at 8X and some not so well. When you get more I would check it out before you burn.


Actually my brother checked it out back then, I don’t know how he could have missed it. That’s one of the reasons I joined up.



I ran it before this bios, It didn’t do anything for me. It was still the same old max of 4x. No 8x available. That’s why I swapped it.



I have r03, It starts out at 4x, then right before the middle it burns at 6x, then towards the end it burns at 8x … same for everyone else?


Should be burning 6x after 1gig , 8x after ~2.2 gig