2510 and hacked FW?

Hi guys!, got me a 2510, and wondered if i should use the herrie hacked firmware that is intended for 2500A… would that change my drive into a 2500A?
I just want the features rpc stuff, media support and bitsetting, i still wanna keep all the 2510 advantages

any ideas on this matter?

All the 2510 will be kept anyway, but you better wait a while till the new FW by Herrie is released.

Thanks for the reply!
So even after 5 DVD’s and RPC lock, a flashing would still reset the region?
Is there a way to reset the RPC without the firmware, as I guess i can do without the media speeding up stuff and bitsetting for now.

someone know of a date for the release of the new FW?


I am using Herries fw on my 2510 with no problems (exept the Prodisc bug). Herrie even stated that it is the 2510 fw with the id string changed to allow the 2500 to be upgraded. He also added rpc1 and bittsetting. Be careful, there are two version, one based on the 2510 and one based on the HP 520. You drive will appear as a 2500a, but that really doesn’t matter to me.

PRODISC BUG ? im using prodisks fine , whats the bug ure on about ?


  1. Bitsetting WAS available in the HP 520 originally.