2510 and 4x Ritek problem

I have just fitted a 2510 for a friend and there seems to be an issue with WinOnCD and burning speeds. WinOnCD DVD 6 (SP 2 and latest driver) recognizes the drive as a 4x DVD/32x CD burner and not a max of 8x DVD/40x CD. I haven’t actually tried any 8x media, but I have tried 4x DVD-R Ritek G04 disks and they come up as 4x compatible with the correct time estimate but actually burn at 2x.

4x DVD+RW disks work fine though and burn at a true 4x so before I start messing about with other software is this a media issue… do Ritek g04 DVD-R only burn at 2x with this drive?

also another problem of myn, takes 30minutes at 4x. so it must be burning at 2x, and then the discs arent recognised