2510 2.F8 Quikee Modded Firmwares



Can you please try Prodisc R02 @ R03?

Thank you.


I’ll do al this tommorow =)


You is GREAT ! :bow:

The Small wish… :stuck_out_tongue:
May be, you can add to 2.F8 support SMARTBUY DVD-R 1-4X ?
DVD-RW from SMARTBUY with this firmware my 2510A burn successfully,
but with DVD-R don’t work … :a


Is it possibly to get any strat changes on ritek R02 dvd+r ? my results at the moment aren’t so great with stock firmwares. (the discs vary in quality immensely :confused: )


Quikee2 ,
can you take herrie beta firmware (write media strategy) apply to 2.f8 ??


I have a firmware with this feature. It is completely useless: No single RICOHJPN-W01 disc could successfully be written @4x. :frowning:


DDDessauV20 @ 8x with 2510 and 2.F8_QB1:

DDDessau reference burn (4x with 2.F8):

The disc I got from my friend:
His Nero reported 8x but made 6x.
My AOpen didn’t find a disc. My 3500 found it and I was able to copy the files but Nero CD-DVD Speed said Type: Data CD and the meassured speeds startet at 58x WTF? Well, Alcohol was able to produce a usefull graph.
There’s something terrible wrong here:

compare with my scan in the 2.18 thread.
I guess the media don’t do 8x, 6x is max.


I’ll limit it to 6x for 2510 also… however I don’t know when I’ll make beta 2… becouse I want to add most changes that Herrie…


I’m a bit puzzled that the 2.18 with DessauV30 give me a readable coaster but the 2.F8 with overspeeded maxspeed wasn’t readable.

Can’t you copy the writestrategy from dessauv30 2.18 to dessauv20 2.f8 and limit to 6x? Maybe that would work best…


the write stategies are different for 3500 and 25x0… so I can not do this… I’ll try Philips 081 write strat for the DessauV20… Herrie used the Philips 081 write strat for a lot of media.


Yes, I was thinking about the same thing. And thanks for all of your efforts quikee!


I would be happy if I could burn MCI4XG01 at its rated speed, 4x!


Newbe :bow: ! What can I say! :bow: I have a 2510a/NEC OEM with 2.16FW. Is it possible to make this beast burn at 8x with ritek(memorex) 8x+R media? Or am I wasting my time? It burns at 8x with TY 8X+R. I also noticed that the FW you have posted is for other versions of the NEC 2510a. Are all these FWs interchangable?


There is no ‘other’ version of NEC 2500 and NEC 2510 : simply download http://binflash.cdfreaks.com and launch it, open the firmware file and flash.
Then reboot and that’s down. You own a NEC 2510 firmware 2.F8 with speed hacks from Quickee.

To show current firmware, use Nero InfoTool.


Drive Win32// Win32 GUI //
Italian Job! Does it matter which one of these I use?


Win32 GUI is the easiest way.


Ok! I just realized that was a stupid question. How many do I get? :o

I did the dump FW thing then flashed the new firmware 2.f8 you guys are passing around. Wow! It burned the cheap media at 8x in the 2510a.
Now if it would burn cheap media at 16x in my 3500! Maybe the next FW? :cool: :cool: :cool:


Can you post a Nero CD/DVD Speed test of this “cheap” media @ 8X ?
Maybe it can help to understand why it’s only 4X in official firmwares.


Riteck r03.
I will do a test if you still need one.