250GB Seagate for $70 after rebate



It Sounds like a good deal and I have purchased my last few drives from fry’s without any problems with the drive or the rebates. However, the drive that is listed is:

ST3250623A-RK 250GB PATA
$50.00 Rebate
Outpost #: 4596257

But the only drive on the Seagate websight with the numbers ST3250623 is listed as a SATA. So if you are looking for a good drive with 5 year warranty, make sure you get the drive you want.


i can’t find this drive on the outpost.com site. i tried browins the segate drives and searching for the model number and the outpost item number…

can you post a link?


very weird that i couldn’t find it. i got the link from chas009’s thread in this forum



Sorry about not posting a link. My inlaws were in town yesterday and I was kind of rushed most of the day (best excuse so far). Thanks for posting a link for me since I havn’t been able to check my computer until just now.


oh no, it’s fine. i just couldn’t find it searching the site (and still can’t!) very weird…


I found it on Seagate’s website at this link:


Also pricegrabber lists about 12 retailers selling it, interestingly Outpost is not one of them. But there’s no question the model number is legit, and it’s a PATA drive.


Thanks for finding it. I still cannot find it using the ‘find a hard drive’ search link on seagates websight (I am not sure why). Outpost is selling it (for $70 after rebate) and Reasonsnotrules posted the link above since I forgot.


I think it’s no longer in production. That “find a hard drive” link only shows you current stuff. Seems that this drive has been superseded by the ST3250823A. However the retail kit with the earlier drive is apparently still current, or at least there’s a lot of them in the pipeline. I found it by going to the retail products link (products-left side of page-click uata100).