250gb Seagate ATA100 w/16mb cache - $50 Shipped - NO Rebates




Fry’s has this great deal here:


I got myself two-eh!


Went to Fry’s today, they have these drives at the store also for $49.99
Also, Segate 400 GB for $99


PATA HDD drives are getting cheaper and cheaper.


Thanks for finding this one Mike. I just ordered one.


see…i dont even need this drive…but gonna get it just cuz it is so cheap…thanks…hehe.


Thanks Mike. Too good to pass up. The last $50 deal I recall was 80GB WD drives. Ain’t progress grand? :slight_smile:


I bought one, gonna swap-out the 80gig from my polaroid dvr.



Sound like you are working for Fry’s.


Thanks. I couldn’t resist. Now to figure out what to do with it.



Sorry - but I only shop at Fry’s - and then mostly online - otherwise I am a self employed real estate appraiser and am semi-retired-eh!



Whoever works for them doesn’t matter as long as it is a great deal like this.
I am gonna tell my friend in California to get me one (HDDs never seem enough :wink: )


you can use a pata on a mobo that uses ata, right?


ATA comes on two flavors, SATA and PATA. SATA is the newer smaller cable, PATA is the older 80 wire flat cable.

I know, there is eSATA as well but that is external.


I have to order online too. Nearest Fry’s is around 400 miles from me. Unfortunately I have to pay sales tax since they have a store in my state. I wish they had a store close to me cause they have a lot of B&M only deals too. They lure me in when they add free shipping to a good deal. No Compusa or Staples near here either. Have a Worst Buy, Circuit City, Office Depot and OfficeMax.



I’m in Ohio so the nearest Fry’s is LONG way away, but I’ve got a Fry’s warehouse within 100 miles, so if I order online, it’s usually here next day. Can’t beat that. Still have to pay taxes though, which sucks. Great find bigmike!


I’ll have to stop by tomorrow and see if they’ve got any left, I also like to check their b&m only deals. their harddrive sales always seem to sell out the first day in store. I’ve got a staples and office depot within walking distance, why does fry’s have to be such an inconvenient 3 miles away :cool:


Hey mike you too young to be semi-retired.


Got caught up in it and ordered one of these to. One of my builds doesn’t like booting up from a sata drive so for this price I’m gona yank the sata and put in another build and use this one for it. It’ll be nice when they get so cheap the shipping and handling is more than the cost. Boy, then when we get free shipping we are gonna be talking a deal. Just dreaming out loud



I got my two for the following reasons:


16mb cache-

Seagate (see below - the [I]only[/I] drive I use)-

Five year warranty-


Free Shipping-

NO Rebate-

(did I mention price-eh?)


ordered one as well :slight_smile: switch it with an older 120gb :smiley: