2500a working fine with Ritek?

Came across this forum (Hi all) and noticed like every other thread was about how bad the drive is with ritek media. I just must be lucky, I have burnt about 300 riteks with this drive and all of them play back fine.

If there is anyway to extract my fireware and upload it for you lot i will do so, but i dont know how?

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That’s a good intention, but afaik NEC 2500A ritek problems are caused only by different batches of ritek,not by different versions of firmware , some work pretty good just like yours.

I also have problems with riteks, i had ritek overprints(orange ones), but i sold them and bought some verbatim and havent any problems since then.

Well I have used the DATASAFE and ARITA G04 if that helps anyone.

I tried orange overprints - burnt 3 good, 3 coasters. Then I tried Datasafe burnt 34 no coasters.

Datasafe is great but i cant get the 8X DVD+R cd’s to burn at 8X only 4X. Tried all the software that is worth trying :stuck_out_tongue:

Originally posted by Ragtag
Datasafe is great but i cant get the 8X DVD+R cd’s to burn at 8X only 4X. Tried all the software that is worth trying :stuck_out_tongue:

You need a new firmware, they only works at 4x with current firmware.

yeah i know, i posted the media code and requested a new firmware :slight_smile:

hope it comes quick :slight_smile:

Tested the following Riteks on my 2500

Ritek TANGO (Overprint) 4X
Datasafe RITEK 4x
Unbranded “Frosted Top” 1x-4x RITEK

All the above disc’s will burn on the NEC 2500a and can be read in my Home dvd player but not my xbox except the FWS which will play the xbox.

If I do the same test with my Pioneer 105, all disc’s can be read in both Home dvd player and xbox with no problems.
This will suggest that there are different grades in the Dye and the NEC maybe a bit more picky it how it burns them etc.


I dont get that? If they all use G04 dye, how can they differ?

FWS require the highest quality for their brands
Datasafe are also good quality
(datasafe brand their lower quality disks as Datawrite)
frosted top and overprints are notoriously poor quality

Well that will explain it.

Someone else must have come across this problem.

Now my thoughts are with changing this drive For the Pioneer 107. Before my 30 days are up. But something tells me I should keep this drive and wait for the next firmware update.


why not just use FWS riteks…
They are the cheapest available in the UK at 50p each
from SVP

I could do that and probably will as I buy all my stuff from SVP.
The problem will come when SVP stop stocking FWS disks.

In my experience of burning dvd’s. Riteks seem to produce the best dye which is compatible with the most players. But they just dont seem to like the NEC.

Anyone got news a a Firmware update? I have december 2k3. I here the Jan 2k4 is worse. :frowning:

Had a reply back from nec and they reckon that there will be an update shortly here. :slight_smile: www.necd.de/softwareoverview2.php/id/557/lang/ENG

Please share this new firmware update when you see it. It will be very helpful to many of the forum participants.



@ sarahjh69

you mention FWS disc’s at SVP @.50p.

i have searched the site from top to bottom and i cant see it…any hints ?


Good old SVP seems to have stop selling them.

What Riteks do I go for now. Let hope NEC gets this firmware out Sooner than later.

One of my friends gave me a few Yellow datawrite ({DV 3058} DATAWRITE ~4x~ YELLOW). They seem to work well, @ 10.99 for 25. not a bad price.


i got some ridisk from them last week , so far they play all over the place great, so i can say the current batch of them seems quite good. Same for the bulk paq printable’s which are S03 which are also burning great.

But as i said in another post i need 2000 disks. Of course i need them as cheap as possible but without buying rubbish…how wide is a razor blade anyway…because thats what it feels like your sitting on with quality Vs price…

If you have any ideas let me know…thanks


I picked up a 2500a about two weeks ago along with a 50-pack of Ritek DVD-R (L19) from newegg. Burned about 8 DVD-R discs so far with 2 discs not passing the DVDInfoPro read test. Works just fine with my xbox if the disc burns without errors. CD-Rs and CDRWs burn great.